Tile Adhesives


Tile Adhesives

Tile adhesive is one of the most pivotal components of any construction. It is a kind of glue that is used to fix tiles in commercial and residential spaces. It helps in laying the tiles correctly. One can use this adhesive to fix tiles on walls and floorings. It is a material that doesn’t crack or shrink during its exposure to different temperatures or moisture. It holds the tile smoothly and prevents it from moving out of its place. Also, it helps to avoid the random cracks which affect the beauty of tiles. These adhesives are easy to apply. Nowadays, pre-mixed adhesives are also available in the market, which makes the process much more comfortable than before. These are very effective to prevent water seepage beneath the tiles.

Tile adhisive for flooring

It is a cement-based tile adhesive that comes as a powder, and it is to be mixed with water before its application. It makes a powerful bond that is much more durable than the usual sand, mortar, and cement mix. In addition to this, its water-resistance quality makes it a more feasible and practical option. Its composition consists of polymers like latex, epoxy, and acrylic, etc. which enhances its adhesiveness.

Tile adhisive for walls

These adhesives are used for fixing the tiles on walls. It is suitable for both vitrified and ceramic tiles.

Tile adhisive for mosaic & glass

These adhesives are known for their high strength. It is best suitable for Glass and mosaic tiles. Even a wet area such as a swimming pool or a bathroom doesn’t affect its durability. These adhesives are a bit expensive, but it really worth every single penny.

Tile adhisive for wood

The market for tile adhesives has expanded with time. Presently, certain tile adhesives available in the market are used explicitly on the wooden base and plywood. These are cement-based adhesives with some special additives in it. Their bonding strength is extraordinary.

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