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The Spicy Popcorn Story: Introduction

Popcorn, one of the most popular snacks is consumed across the world. It is a corn kernel variety which enlarges and puffs up on heating. This whole-grain food gained popularity in India during the period of early western civilizations. It is loved by people of all age groups. Be it movie time, chilling with friends, binge watching favourite show, as evening snack, there is no time or occasion to have a bowl of freshly popped popcorn.

Inception Story of Popcorn

According to scientists, popcorn originated some 8000 years ago. Though there is still lack of clarity regarding this as certain section disagrees with this.  As per an archaeological excavation in the caves of New Mexico, popped corn was found which dates back to some 5,600 years ago.

The worldwide scenario

Today, popcorn is consumed globally, which ultimately leading this food to capture a bigger chunk in the market. According to a report, the Global Popcorn Market is projected to reach about $15,000 million in the near future. Most probably by 2023, these estimates can be achieved. The hectic and busy lifestyle of people would be one of the major reasons behind this upsurge. Since making popcorn is instant and convenient, most of the people see it as a viable option compared to other foods. In addition to this, awareness of health among people is also creating a positive environment for the popcorn industry. It will ultimately drive the market and ensure robust growth.

The Indian Popcorn market

Since Indians love to munch popcorn, the market is significantly reaching to the new heights. According to the latest report, the CAGR will be in double digits. Experts see the adoption of western culture, being one of the major reasons for this growth. Also, the descent increase in the disposable income is paving a new way to tap the real potential of the popcorn market. Recently many new players have entered the market, seeing the brighter prospects. India’s urban population is already in love with popcorn as they prefer it over various other options. Also, the high margin in the business is giving a new thrust to the popcorn cultivation.

Use and Benefits of Popcorn

Since popcorn is 100% natural whole grain, it offers many health benefits.

  • It improves digestion and lowers cholesterol levels.
  • According to some experts, it controls the blood sugar level.
  • It prevents ageing.
  • It also helps in weight loss

In addition to human consumption, it is also used as bird feeder food. Many
people use popcorn to fill the bean bags, though it is not completely in trend.

Proposed Packaging from Knack

Knack Packaging is a trustworthy name and has always believed in providing the best solution to the clients. Our expertise lies in making use of our advanced technology to offer highly competitive solutions. We see packaging as a craft rather than a solution. This craft applies to the popcorn industry as well. We always choose dynamic packaging options for unpopped kernels of Popcorn.We produce a wide range of bags for Popcorn. It includes the BOPP woven laminated bags in the 5kg to 50kg categories & two variants of handle bags; Top opened bottom stitched and the Top open bottom gusseted bag in the 5kg to 10kg pack sizes. We can offer standard Circular Woven construction, Back seam construction and the trending Pinch bottom bags also. We have developed various customized bag types even for this industry as we are specialized in the same.

  • We keep your popcorn kernels fresh and edible with smart packages, which are the best ones in quality.
  • Our packaging bags’ attributes protect the nature of the food and keep it consumable.
  • To protect the seeds inside the packing, we are a bit more careful and keep in mind the packaging, which ensures the safety of the product inside.


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Circular Form
25 cm to 150 cm (10” to 60”)
Circular Form
25 cm to 150 cm (10” to 60”)


Available in ROLL form.

Inner. Ø – 70 mm and above.
Outer Ø – Minimum 300 mm

and above as per your requirement.




Available in ROLL form.

30 GSM to 140 GSM

and above.


12 Micron to 50 Micron
and above (10 GSM to 48 GSM)


We can match
yourstrength in warp
way & weft way.


As per your


One Side
One / Two / Three colors.
Both Side
One / Two / Three colors.

* Note : These are our standard specifications but products with customized specifications are also available.