Knack packaging specializes in BOPP woven laminated bags, and one of the most prominent features of the bag is its construction. It plays a massive role in its longevity, look, feel, and safety. We offer two types of construction in BOPP woven laminated bags:
1) Circular Construction
2) Backseam Construction. Let us have a look at both of them in detail.

Circular Construction

As the name suggest, circular construction is manufactured wholly in circular roll form. The woven fabric is made in tube form and then the same fabric in tube form is laminated with Printed Bopp film and forms the shape of a bag after cutting and stitching. Circular construction can be offered with various types, and even with one side printing & lamination etc, it is also an economical option comparatively and hence used widely across the industry.

Backseam Construction

The manufacturing process of back seam construction is different from the circular construction. First, the woven fabric is made in flat form, after which it is laminated with printed film in the flat form itself, then we seam it back by putting the ready roll on a specialized back seam machine. This roll is then sent for cutting and stitching as per the requirement & formed as a back seam bag. The whole process is done automatically with utmost precision so that no variation arises in sizes. You won’t find extra poly on any side in this type of bag & hence Back Seam construction is a very premium option. It is mostly used in the online filling machine & big brands around the globe, because of its no variation in characteristics & other benefits. With 2 back seam machines we can process 300,000 bags per day.

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