We are surrounded by several products which are indispensable part of our daily lives, one of them is detergents. It is nothing but a chemical substance which comes in liquid or powdered form and helps to remove dirt or grime. It is used in a variety of things such as cloth washing powder/liquid, dish cleaner, hair shampoo, stain removers and shaving foam. In other words, detergent plays a key role in keeping the clothes and house clean and germ-free.

Just like us, even detergents have a history. According to certain archaeological pieces of evidence, soap making started in the Babylonian era around 2800BC. During the excavations, archaeologists found clay cylinders having soap-like substance. Apart from this, the cylinders had inscriptions related to soap making. The inscription read “fats boiled with ashes,” which in a way, confirms its existence during that era. It is said that until 1916, the formula of soap manufacturing was somewhere closer to the old technique. Although during world war 1st and 2nd, due to the shortage of animal/vegetable fats and oils, different synthesized raw materials were used to make the formula. Today, we are using the same formula, which is known as detergent.


The latest report published by KBV research draws our attention towards the rising market size of detergents which is expected to reach around $39.8 billion by 2025. Thus we can see robust growth in the near future in this particular product segment. Also, urbanisation and upsurge in the use of washing machines will propel the detergent market to new heights.


According to a report, the Indian Liquid Detergent Market is expected to see strong growth. One can see a healthy and strong CAGR by 2024 due to the eco friendly liquid detergents which are gaining immense popularity among the Indian households. They are safe environmentally compared to traditional synthetic based detergents.

Detergents consist of various synthetic materials. When they react with dirt and stains, it loosens them, and cleaning becomes easier. Also, in terms of cleaning power, it beats the soap as it contains some powerful substances. At times, even water hardness fails to impact its power. Coming on to the uses, almost every household uses it. It plays an important part in hygiene. Whether it’s our households, hospitals, public facilities, or five-star hotels, one can easily find this product.

Proposed Packaging From Knack

Knack Packaging provides the best-suited options to the clients when it comes to superior packaging. That’s the reason why most of the leading brands around the Globe are associated with us for their Packaging needs. We manufacture our customised detergent packing material for durability. The style of the packaging is modified based on your packaging requirement. We produce a wide range of bags for Detergent & Soap Powder. It includes the BOPP laminated PP woven bags in the 2kg to 30kg categories & two variants of handle bags; Top opened bottom stitched and the Top open bottom gusseted bag in the 2kg to 10kg pack sizes. We can offer standard Circular Woven construction, Back seam construction and the trending Pinch bottom bags. We have developed various customised bag types even for this industry as we are specialised in the same.

Our packaging materials protect the detergent powder from moisture and dust and maintain their attributes for a longer time. Besides, they are leak-proof, which makes sure that the fragrance remains intact until it reaches its user.

Our packaging provides precise branding to your product. Branding needs beautiful print and eye-catching information – on the packaging material itself, which are sales appealing – and we make sure you get it.

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