Manufacturing Facility

The sprawling manufacturing facility of Knack Packaging is spread over 35 Acres, which includes 48,625 sq meter of built-up area. Our entire infrastructure facility is adjacent to lush green gardens and scenic surroundings because we believe that this aesthetic beauty of outer landscapes will reflect in our bags designing and manufacturing. Our plant infrastructure is well-equipped with ultra-modern machinery that makes us one of the most extensive manufacturing facilities in the country and also around the globe. Our state-of-the-art infrastructure and production line boasts of various high-tech pieces of machinery.

With the help of our highly-trained professionals, we produce only quality products for our customers. The overall infrastructure of our manufacturing plant enables us to produce a significantly high number of bags per day in comparison to our peers. From Modern Looms to specialized Pinch Bottom Machine, we have all the latest machinery available in the industry. Let us have a look at all of them.

Production Line

  • Tapeline Machinery
  • Woven Looms
  • Rotogravure Printing Press
  • Extrusion, Coating & Lamination Plant
  • Bag Converting Machinery
  • Ancillary Machinery
Production Line

Details of Machines


Tapeline Machinery

• No. of machines: 04
• Monthly Production: 1450 MT


Woven Looms

• No. of machines: 266
• Monthly Production: 1450 MT(2.45 cr / 24.5 Mn meter)


Rotogravure Printing Press

• No. of machines: 06
• Monthly Production: 275 MT(1.68 Cr /16.8 Mn sq meter)
• Other Machines Include: Ink Kitchen, Doctoring, Solventless Lamination, Slitting


Extrusion, Coating & Lamination Plant

• No. of machines: 04
• Monthly Production: 350 MT(1.45 Cr/14.5 Mn meter)


Bag Converting Machinery

Monthly Production 2.06 Cr/20.6 Mn Bags
• Back Seam/ Tuber Machine: 02 Qty
• Pinch Bottom Bag Machine: 02 Qty
• Bottom Gusseted Bag Machine: 02 Qty
• Auto Bag Gusseting, Cutting and Stitching Machine: 16 Qty
• Flexo Printing Press: 05 Qty
• Manual & Auto Stitching Machines: 80 Qty
• Bales & Pallet Packing Stations: 16 Qty
• Inspection Tables: 100 Qty
• Metal Detector: 02 Qty


Ancillary Machinery

• Liner Plant: 02 Qty
• Multi Filament Yarn Making Machine: 01 Qty
• Needle Looms: 48 Qty
• Yarn Twisting and Winding Nodes: 60 Qty
• Re-processing plant: 01 Qty

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