Beneath the layers Of a BOPP bag

Woven Bags are one of the trendsetters in modern times which put the packaging industry on a new pedestal, especially when it comes to the woven packaging. It’s needless to mention that the world of woven packaging has its own blessing in the form of BOPP Woven Bags having layers of trust, authenticity and secureness.

Since BOPP Woven Bags come with various layers, they offer a wide variety of benefits. These bags are also known as the Multilayer Bags. The most crucial layer in the bag is the PP woven fabric. Printing of BOPP film is done using engraved cylinders through the reverse rotogravures printing technology. Next, we laminate the film on the fabric to create different kinds of layers. Available in a wide range with exceptional qualities, we offer different types of layers in our BOPP Woven Bags ranging from single-layer bags to five-layer bags.

Importance of layers

Different kinds of layers in BOPP bags add to their different qualities. A specific combination of the layer present in the bags protects the products from leaking while keeping the humidity intact. In contrast, the other types of layers offer greater strength or appealing looks along with proper ventilation. All this depends upon various factors like the number of layers, type of fabric, and so on. These different layers provide add on advantage. More layers increases the bag’s thickness and stiffness.

Manufacturing Process

The addition of layers completely depends on the desired requirement. For making one layer bag, we use only fabric while on the other hand, for two layered bag, an un-coated fabric roll is coated in the extrusion lamination unit. The end product which comes out of this process is called two-layered fabric roll. In three layer bags, we use un-coated fabric roll and laminate it with printed BOPP film with the help of extrusion lamination, which acts a bonding agent between BOPP film and fabric. In four-layer bags, one more layer is added which could either be on the innermost side of the bag (extrusion lamination) or beneath the BOPP film (Adhesive lamination). The five layer bags have plain BOPP on the innermost side, extrusion lamination, fabric, extrusion lamination and printed BOPP on the outermost side. The points below will help you unravel the mystery of layers:

  • 1 – Layer bag – Un-coated fabric
  • 2 – Layer bag – Un-coated fabric + extrusion lamination
  • 3 – Layer bag – Un-coated fabric + extrusion lamination + printed BOPP
  • 4 – Layer bag –

    Un-coated fabric + extrusion lamination + adhesive lamination + printed BOPP (metalize or white poly film)

    Inside Extrusion lamination + Un-coated fabric + extrusion lamination + printed BOPP (Note – only for flat fabric)

  • 5 – Layer bag – Plain BOPP + inside extrusion lamination + un-coated fabric + extrusion lamination + printed BOPP (Note – only for flat fabric)

Material Combination

Every material has its uniqueness but when a combination of unique materials makes the final product extraordinary, then it’s a good idea to make the match. This is the reason we have chosen to add some more elements to the uniqueness, our bags offer. The materials and process we use in our different layered bags are:

  • BOPP Film
  • Metalized BOPP Film
  • Woven Fabric
  • Extrusion Lamination

At Knack, we have a wide variety of layered bags. We can provide our customers with 1,2,3,4 and 5 layered quality bags. We are well aware of customer preferences, and according to their need, we deliver them the best of our products.


In our single layer bags, we provide a layer of high-quality fabric. It is of either flat or circular type fabric, depending upon the need. This economical product option is used in various industries.


Two-layered bags contain the very same characteristics as the single-layer bags but with the addition of lamination. The lamination elevates the looks and aids to the strength of the bag as compared to single-layer bags. These types of bags are used in various industries.


Our three-layer bags are one of the best sellers in the industry due to its application in multiple industries. The three-layer of the bag includes fabric, lamination, and BOPP film. The unique attributes of a BOPP film make it different. Knack’s three-layer bags are known for its various advantages like toughness, appeal and durability. These types of bags are useful for almost all industries.


Our four-layer bags are one of its kind. They are premium bags. Being in the packaging industry for decades, we have developed two type of four-layer bags that can be utilized by different industries as per the customer requirement. The first type of four-layer bag includes an inner layer of fabric, extrusion lamination, adhesive lamination, and BOPP film. The second type of four-layer bag consists of inside extrusion lamination, woven fabric, extrusion lamination and BOPP film. It is offered only with back seam bags. Four-layer bags are used in various industries.


One of the most popular at Knack Packaging, the five-layer bag has everything you could have asked for. These types of bags belong to the premium category. The five-layers of the bag include a plain BOPP film on the innermost side, inside extrusion lamination, fabric, extrusion lamination, and printed BOPP. Due to these layers, the five-layer bags look quite rich. These types of bags are in use for various industries.

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