I am 100% Recyclable.


Reduce, Reutilize and Reprocess is the mantra of Knack Packaging.

For packaging to be recycled, it has to meet a list of requirements that include separability, labeling and coloration, and cleanliness. Knack Packaging is endeavoring to fulfill these requirements with our new technologies and innovations, ensuring that our packaging solutions are recyclable.

Our PP and BOPP bags are reusable and recyclable. You can recycle BOPP at low temperatures, which is why it is an environmentally positive individual favorite. You don’t need to burn as many fossil fuels or use an intense amount of energy, which is the best part. Our PP and BOPP bags are recycled and turned into granules that are outsourced.

Recycling BOPP is a relatively new phenomenon, which means only some in the industry have accepted the norms. Knack Packaging takes immense pride in being the Industry leader in all aspects.

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BOPP Laminated PP woven sacks/bags are now a part of standard packing for many
reputed companies for packaging their bulk produce.

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