Shopping bag


Shopping bag


Shopping bags are bags which we often see in our day to day life. With an increase in the shopping patterns, the use of these bags is also increasing. This is a basic requirement and is used on a daily basis in one or the other form. This is the reason the manufacturing of these bags is at its peak levels. These bags are very much relevant in today’s world. At Knack, we provide two types of shopping bags. One is woven, and the other is non-woven. In both these categories, we provide different layers according to the customer’s requirement.


  • Promotional Use
  • Customer Attention
  • Memorable
  • Exposure to your brand

Material Combination

Shopping bags are made using various materials such as Non-woven fabric or woven fabric, Printed BOPP film – Glossy or Matte, Adhesive, Crip Tape. All this material together makes a perfect shopping bag.

Knack's speciality

Many companies often say that innovation and exclusivity is part of their business, but at Knack, we say it’s an art, and we are the true artist. Coming on to the specialty, we offer our customers shopping bags with five side brand visibility. Whereas, many of our competitors are restricted to the four side brand visibility. Also, this unique approach makes our shopping bags the perfect display material.

Proposed Packaging From Knack

PP/HDPE Woven Fabric, Non-Woven Fabric bags not only provide you with very attractive, durable and various packaging size options but also helps you achieve efficiency, to store more product in limited space as compared to other packaging options like cartons. Our aesthetically pleasing shopping bags are in-line with current market trends. We can produce up to 2,000,000 bags every month with the help of our modern machinery.

Product Photos