We are working from both “products” and “production ” perspectives to prevent global warming and reduce environmental impact throughout the entire business activity.

Conventional packaging depletes natural resources, but Knack packaging manufactures PP and BOPP bags that focus on sustainability and an environmentally friendly option for packaging. Sustainable packaging demands less use of natural resources, which improves the ability for businesses to continue creating products and services longer. In addition to being lighter and more robust than paper and other types of plastic bags, BOPP bags last longer and can be reused, which makes them even more environmentally friendly. Polypropylene packaging is a 100% byproduct of natural gas and petroleum refining.

EPR (Extended Producer Responsibility) is a waste management program which aims to recycle waste generated post-consumer and post-industrial plastic waste.
Physical recycling of the waste which can be transformed into some other product using extrusion and re-granulation process or chemically recycling waste which cannot be further transformed into some other product using pyrolysis and distillation comes under our responsibility. This could also be done by the brand using the packaging material for distribution of their products.
It imposes equal responsibility on the producer and customer who uses the packaging material for collection of waste plastic products. They need to establish a system for collecting back the waste generated due to their products. PRO (Producers Responsibility Organization) is a third party contributor which could recycle waste on behalf of producers and certifies them for the quantity it has recycled against monetary terms.

We feel proud to say that we have acknowledged our responsibilities from day 1 and already have setup a waste reprocessing plant at our facility which reduces the post-industrial waste considerably and we are also taking up the responsibility of post-consumer waste by hiring a third party to collect the waste from market and recycle it on our behalf. Our vision to have no carbon footprint has motivated us to take it as responsibility rather than a duty imposed on us because of Government compliances.

Since this isn’t the only solution to eradicate your impact on nature and ways such as reducing your dependency on non-renewable sources of energy also contributes to safety of the environment, we are in the process of switching to renewable sources of energy for day-to-day operations at our manufacturing plant. The government compliances restricts us to switch completely but still we are almost ready to produce 40% – 50% of our need for electricity through solar power. If the Government policies allow us, we are ready to take it a step further and produce 100% of our need for electricity through solar power.

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