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Agrochemicals play a significant role in agriculture. They not only protect our crops but also regulate plant growth. Since humanity is facing the problem of population explosion, there is a pressure of meeting the real demand. In such a scenario, fertilisers gain more importance. Though there are strict rules in many countries regarding the proper use of agrochemicals because improper and excessive use of chemicals is causing a severe threat. Due to this reason nowadays, people are opting for eco-friendly options. Bio fertilizers and bio pesticides are taking the place of chemical-based agrochemicals.

The Global Scenario

The global agrochemical market is booming for years. As per global reports, it will reach USD 308.9 million by 2025. About 2-3 years before, it was near about USD 215.15 million. There are many factors due to which the market is flourishing. The natural resources are depleting every second along with the shrinking agriculture lands and there is a huge demand generated globally, which is leading the agrochemical market towards a new height.

Agrochemicals in India

In India, a significant yield is lost due to pests, weeds, and some sort of harmful diseases. Thus, to ensure better growth, agrochemicals are essential. It must ensure that environmental safety must not be compromised at any cost. If we see the Indian agrochemicals market, we get to know that Insecticides dominate the industry as their share in the crop protection market is higher than others. As per reports, the share is around 55%, which accounts for near about USD 2.3 billion. Then comes, pesticides and herbicides. Though numbers suggest that herbicides are emerging at a fast pace and this segment will gain more significance shortly.

Proposed Packaging from Knack

Knack Packaging is known for its superior packaging solutions, and this culture is ingrained in us as a tradition. We have been serving the agrochemical industry for a long time now. We always consider the hazardous products packed inside the Agro Chemicals packaging and are perfectly aware of the harmfulness of the product. Our packaging solutions range from 5kg to 50kg in the BOPP laminated PP woven bags segment and two variants of handle bags – Open mouth bottom stitch and Open mouth bottom gusseted in the 5kg and 10kg category, which gives you the feel of a shopping bag. These all sizes can be offered in three types – standard Circular Woven construction, Back seam construction and the trending Pinch bottom bags. We can manufacture unique bags with liners for chemicals and water-soluble chemicals as well.

  • The design and structure of the bags is prepared with required additional liners in a way to give them adequate strength and make it leak-proof.
  • Our packaging materials are moisture free and are compatible to prevent any reaction.
  • We protect your brand integrity with our attractive packaging solutions and enhance safety and comfort for final customers.
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Circular Form
25 cm to 150 cm (10” to 60”)
Circular Form
25 cm to 150 cm (10” to 60”)


Available in ROLL form.

Inner. Ø – 70 mm and above.
Outer Ø – Minimum 300 mm

and above as per your requirement.




Available in ROLL form.

30 GSM to 140 GSM

and above.


12 Micron to 50 Micron
and above (10 GSM to 48 GSM)


We can match
yourstrength in warp
way & weft way.


As per your


One Side
One / Two / Three colors.
Both Side
One / Two / Three colors.

* Note : These are our standard specifications but products with customized specifications are also available.