bottom gusset bags


Businesses flourish when they are targeted to the right audience, and products get identified only when a versatile packaging accompanies them. It’s the fact that business owners often look for products and ways to simplify their daily operations. If your business is into retail manufacturing mainly for supermarkets, then BOPP bottom gusset bags are the perfect choice.

The Bottom Gusset Bag is ideal for medium to large amounts of content. The bottom gusset bags provide terrific stability and an aesthetic look to the products. It has a flat base that makes it more comfortable to carry and stack. The main advantage is the re-use of the bag, which is a bonus for the seller as well as a buyer.


All these qualities of the Bottom Gusset Bags result in various benefits. The bottom gusset bags are sturdy and can hold up to 5 -15 Kg weight without any repercussions. Its manufacturing process, exclusive woven fabrics, and ultrasonic sealing makes it very unique & results with no leaking and thereby making sure that the products are safe & very friendly to carry.

Manufacturing Process

The machine is fed in with (printed) BOPP Laminated Woven or Non-Woven fabric Roll. It first rotates 15mm border on both ends & seals it with ultrasonic sealing, creating a base for the handle straps, which adds to the rigidity of the bag. Next comes the handle strap, which is made up of the same material (BOPP Laminated woven or Non-Woven Fabric) as the bag and is fed in through two different rolls on both the sides (Crip tape roll) of optimum width for the handle. Then the machine cuts the fabric horizontally according to bag size with handles already attached to it.

This semi-finished, bag shape fabric then moves ahead, where the machine folds and holds it in the shape of the actual bag until ultrasonic sealing is done. At last, the gusset is created by pressing the bag from both the face sides, and the final bag comes out of the machine, where the operator collects it to stack & finally, the best quality bottom gusseted bag gets ready.

Material Combination

A variety of materials and finishes are available to preserve the products in diverse weather conditions optimally. Our Bottom Gusset Bags are produced with various finish options like matte, glossy, matte metalize Bopp Films with high-quality print on it. The fabric is laminated with these different finished BOPP films to provide the final bags their required aesthetics. We also offer Bottom gusseted bags with a liner that provides optimum strength and preservation for the products. The bag is obtainable with handles like PP or NWF, and stitching methods like top hemming and cross-stitch handles are also available.


Front Width 220 mm – 600 mm*
Gusset Width 80 mm – 250 mm*
Bag Length 220 mm – 500 mm
Fabric Colour As Per Customer Requirement
Fabric Denier 550 – 1500
Fabric Material PP/HDPE , Non-Woven
Fabric Type Flat
BOPP Material Gloss Finish , Matt Finish
BOPP Thickness 10 µ – 18 µ
Extrusion Coating Gloss Coating , Matt Coating
Extrusion Coating Thickness 16 µ – 35 µ
No Of Ply ( Beneath Layers ) 3, 4

Knack’s Speciality

Quality products with optimum customization are our signature, and the same applies in Bottom Gusseted Bags too. In addition to this, we can create customized bags as per the requirements of a business with various sizes and different finishes.

Infrastructure and Capacity

Our bottom gusset bags are always in demand, and we ensure it stays like that with the help of our new machinery range. We can produce as high as 2,000,000 bags every month with the help of our modern machinery.


Bottom gusset bags are the perfect match to one’s requirement when it comes to medium to large content. In addition to it, aesthetically they are way ahead of others.


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Circular Form
25 cm to 150 cm (10” to 60”)
Circular Form
25 cm to 150 cm (10” to 60”)


Available in ROLL form.

Inner. Ø – 70 mm and above.
Outer Ø – Minimum 300 mm

and above as per your requirement.




Available in ROLL form.

30 GSM to 140 GSM

and above.


12 Micron to 50 Micron
and above (10 GSM to 48 GSM)


We can match
yourstrength in warp
way & weft way.


As per your


One Side
One / Two / Three colors.
Both Side
One / Two / Three colors.

* Note : These are our standard specifications but products with customized specifications are also available.