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If you are into any business, the chances are you find yourself busy during certain times of the year. Business owners are often looking for products and ways to simplify their daily operations. If your business is into manufacturing or shipping products, BOPP bags are the perfect choice. There are different types of stitches existing in the market, one of them being bottom stitch bags.
The bottom stitch bag is ideal for medium to large amounts of content. It is available in both the fabric types, be it back seam, circular as well as milky white/ natural fabric color. The bottom stitch bag with bottom gusset, side gusset or non-gusset, provides terrific stability and aesthetic look to the products. It has a flat base that makes it easier to hold broad things.


All these qualities of the bottom stitch bags result in various benefits. The bottom stitch bags are sturdy and can hold up to 50 Kg weight without any repercussions. Its fabric and stitching methods provide no leaking and thereby making sure that the products are safe.

Manufacturing Process

Our latest pinch bottom machine makes the manufacturing super easy. In the process the roll gets inserted which after perforation comes to the laser section. Then, easy open part of the bag gets ready and gusseting takes place. Next to gusseting, back seam function is performed. Then it goes through the Turn Bar Tower where bags are turned and at last cutting is done. Last but not the least; glue is pasted through the same machine.

Material Combination

A variety of materials and finishes are available to preserve the products in diverse weather conditions optimally. Our bottom stitch bags are produced with various finish options like matte, glossy, matte metalized, and so on. Bottom stitch bags with liner and register windows provide optimum strength and preservation for the products. The bag is obtainable with handles like PP or NWF and stitching methods like top hammed and cross-stitch that produces considerable robustness.


Coming on to the USP, the bag grabs it well. First USP is the aesthetics part which rarely found in other bags. This is the reason; these bags are highly prevalent in the shopping bags category. In addition to it, quality is the major factor that sets these bags class apart.

Knack’s Speciality

Quality products with optimum customization are our signature, and the same applies in pinch bottom bags too. Available with a maximum of four sides of branding, we can produce the pinch bottom bags with liners and specific gusset types also. In addition to this, we can create customized bags as per the requirements of a business or company such as one-sided BOPP with lamination and a totally plain backside.




Bottom stitched bags are perfect match to one’s requirement when it comes to medium to large content. In addition to it, aesthetically they are way ahead of others. They are the real show stealers which are mainly used for the purpose of shopping.


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Circular Form
25 cm to 150 cm (10” to 60”)
Circular Form
25 cm to 150 cm (10” to 60”)


Available in ROLL form.

Inner. Ø – 70 mm and above.
Outer Ø – Minimum 300 mm

and above as per your requirement.




Available in ROLL form.

30 GSM to 140 GSM

and above.


12 Micron to 50 Micron
and above (10 GSM to 48 GSM)


We can match
yourstrength in warp
way & weft way.


As per your


One Side
One / Two / Three colors.
Both Side
One / Two / Three colors.

* Note : These are our standard specifications but products with customized specifications are also available.