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The quest for something new and innovative is a never-ending process in the packaging industry. We are always looking out for options that make things easier and better. The amalgamation of woven polypropylene tape fabric and printed BOPP has led us to one of the most premium packaging in the world – The Pinch Bottom Bags. It is needless to mention that it is one of the most innovative packaging materials that are apt for dry bulk goods sold in the retail sector. It is specialized packaging for Pet food, Fertilizer, Seeds, Flour, Sugar, and various other products. As you know, there is no stitching in the bag and it is constructed and closed only through sealing which makes it very unique. There’s is 6 side branding which is very new to the market and can’t be seen easily anywhere else in the market often. Also, it is considered as one of the most premium packaging in the world.

So what makes it special and why it has been introduced in the market?

The BOPP Pinch Bottom Bags have gained immense popularity in the market due to its distinct abilities. These bags are mainly used for packaging the items which has to retain moisture. Also, it has the exceptional potential of keeping the humidity away. As we know that the conventional stitched bags often face the problem of moisture leakage, which ultimately affects the product inside the pack. Here, BOPP Pinch Bottom Bags take the charge and guarantees 100% protection.


High Tensile Strength

Due to its high tensile strength, a polypropylene tape is much stronger than many reliable and robust materials. This significant feature sets it apart. Even if it drops from a considerable height, the bag resists damage as the woven tape fabric accompanying the BOPP film gives it the firmness. On the other hand, there’s no stitching in the bags, and both sides are closed with the specialized glue; hence there’s no hole in the bags, which results in high strength. This glue is developed with such expertise that it ensures the closure remains intact even under strains.

Display at best

BOPP film not only enhances the quality of bag but also provides the option of maximum printing on the bag, even at the bottom as well. The reversely printed BOPP film not only protects the print against scratches during handling etc. but also enhances the look and offers the six sides branding very first time in the Woven era.

Cost saving

Due to the step-cut pattern the material is used very efficiently and it results in occurrence of minimum waste during the production. Also, when we use glue it helps in reducing the fabric thickness, and around 4 % less material compared to other normal sewn bags. Hence it saves the material as well as gives cost reduction to our customers.

Leakage free & humidity Resistant

The Pinch bag closure mechanism is much tighter and reliable than the sewn ones. Since they are free from stitches, there are no chances of leakage. This closure also makes the bags tamper-proof. As this is a unique way of construction without any holes or stitches, there are zero percent chances of leakage, and it becomes a humidity and leakage proof. Also, there is no requirement of any liner in this type of Bags.

Laser cutting

We offer a unique feature called laser cutting, which is uncommon for the cutting purpose in a woven fabric. We get very precise cutting, and the finish it produces is beyond any comparison. The laser cutting works with different material types and thicknesses with the same top-notch quality & thus, it is a much more reliable option in this premium quality packaging.

Peel Off Easy-Open

The easy-open offered in Pinch Bottom Bags is a very new feature in the market and is called peel off Ez-open. The interesting thing about peel off Ez-open is its closure feature which enables you to re-use it. Ez-open provides a viable option of customization when it comes to size and position. Even at the full machine speed, the production of Ez-Open strip is feasible.

Manufacturing Process

The Pinch Bottom Bags are prepared from polypropylene woven fabric, which is laminated with the printed BOPP film. The fabric provides bags the desired strength and to protect the print motif BOPP film is reversely printed & both are laminated together with extrusion lamination process. This roll form is then loaded on the pinch bottom bag machine & several production activities are carried on like Laser cutting, bottom sealing with a special glue which provides it the best strength. This whole process results in an attractive, leak-proof, and lightweight packaging solution. This is how we get the final product, which is the trending Pinch Bottom Bag.

Material Combination

Pinch Bottom Bags are made using the BOPP printed film, extrusion lamination Layer & PP  woven fabric.




Front Width 165 mm – 480 mm
Gusset Width 50 mm – 200 mm
Repeat Length 500 mm – 1070 mm
Fabric Colour As Per Customer Requirement
Fabric Denier 760 – 1065
BOPP Material High COF HST Gloss / Matt
BOPP Micron 18 µ
Extrusion Coating Thickness 18 µ – 35 µ
No. Of Ply ( Beneath the Layers ) 3, 4, 5
Extrusion Coating Full
EZ Open With Pinch Seal YES
EZ Open Label Width 100 – 460
EZ Open Label Length 40 – 80
Open Mouth Type Pinch Cut, Flush Cut
Type Of Packing Bales / Pallet


Knack's Speciality

Our BOPP Pinch Bottom Bags are crafted in such a manner that an Expert can feel the difference at first sight itself. BOPP Pinch Bottom Bags made at Knack ensure better brand visibility with its enhanced printing quality and specially designed machine. This machine delivers the final products in a brick shape due to its unique design, and you will find all the four gussets in the same size which makes it wholly unique & best in the market, which you can see when it gets packed. Along with it, Knack also ensures the strength of the packaging and safeguards the product from leakage and humid atmosphere.

Infrastructure and Capacity

Our classy Pinch Bottom Bags are always in trend, and we can produce up to 4 million bags per month with the help of our state of the art machinery. Not to forget that we can apply various kinds of customization on all of them even with such high production capacity.


BOPP Pinch Bottom Bags are a perfect alternative to sewn bags made up of the woven fabric if you are looking for a superior packaging. They are the best substitute for Paper Pinch Bottom Bags in today’s era because of the sheer quality, price competitiveness and Brand Building feature. BOPP Pinch Bottom Bags provides top-quality packaging options which enrich the packaging world to the fullest.


Manufacturing Equipment

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Circular Form
25 cm to 150 cm (10” to 60”)
Circular Form
25 cm to 150 cm (10” to 60”)


Available in ROLL form.

Inner. Ø – 70 mm and above.
Outer Ø – Minimum 300 mm

and above as per your requirement.




Available in ROLL form.

30 GSM to 140 GSM

and above.


12 Micron to 50 Micron
and above (10 GSM to 48 GSM)


We can match
yourstrength in warp
way & weft way.


As per your


One Side
One / Two / Three colors.
Both Side
One / Two / Three colors.

* Note : These are our standard specifications but products with customized specifications are also available.